Reimagining the supply chain as a growth enabler

The past year has shown us just how vital a customer-centric approach to supply chain management has become to the success of a given company.

I see a resilient and customer-centric supply chain as a dynamic, living entity — able to sense and respond to signals and give companies an end-to-end line of sight. Companies can react with greater agility to changing customer needs, market volatility and disruptions to any point in the supply chain, whether it’s inventory management, distribution or logistics.

The pandemic highlighted the fragility of most companies’ supply chains, which buckled under enormous stress and extreme shortages for products their customers suddenly and desperately wanted. Not only were many manufacturers unable to quickly reallocate and re-prioritize their supply chains to meet changing customer needs, but they also didn’t have the basic data required to pivot. That meant they couldn’t run simulations to determine the fastest, best ways to get products to their customers.

Supply chain problems haven’t gone away. Sure, some companies are doing a better job than others. Those that are succeeding are using advanced technologies and data to wield robust, customer-centric supply chains as growth enablers because they can anticipate customer needs and deliver highly personalized products and services. This allows them to drive business value and grow market share by consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations, optimizing their costs and inventories, and improving efficiencies. All of this translates into smaller environmental footprints and larger bottom lines.

Here is where Accenture and SAP can help. Companies can use solutions such as SPRINT2IBP to create a supply chain road map to ensure speed and value. They can then simulate and model scenarios with different product demand levels and supply chain adjustments, helping them to predict outcomes before they make actual production changes. We also offer supply chain templates and preconfigured tools that can be implemented in specific industry contexts.

All supply chains are different, and companies are at different stages in their journey to the customer-centric supply chain. We can help them, no matter where they are today.




Global Lead — SAP Business Group, Accenture

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Caspar Borggreve

Caspar Borggreve

Global Lead — SAP Business Group, Accenture

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